Mansarovar Tour

The Mansarovar Lake is a freezing lake located on the border of Nepal and Tibet, high in the Himalayas at the base of Mt. Kailash. This is believed to be the abode of the Destroyer God, Lord Shiva from Hindu Mythology. Mansarovar Lake is a grand site for Hindu Pilgrimage. Balaji Tours & Travels Gorakhpur caters one of the best Mansarovar Tours in the whole tourism industry in India. What makes the tour stand out is that it keeps the feel of Yatra intact all while conducting the tour with modern conveniences. The trip starts from Kathmandu but from Kerung the real treacherous pilgrimage trip to the lake commences. The tourists will be provided with comfortable hotels for stay and cuisine meals, travel permits, travel medication & doctor, knowledgeable & understanding guides, security and sightseeing options. A dip in the Holy Mansarovar Lake, circumnavigation of Mt. Kailash, prayer at GauriKund and the Pashupatinath Temple visit are some of the main tourist activities of this self-reflecting religious trip.